Find Your Voice
Find Your Voice
Find Your Voice

Leadership Coaching To Help You Find Your VOICE & Create A Purposeful, Compelling Legacy

One-On-One Coaching For Senior Executives

One-On-One Coaching For Senior Executives

Mid-Level Manager Group Coaching Programs

Mid-Level Manager Group Coaching Programs

Cross-Functional Team Collaboration Workshops

Cross-Functional Team Collaboration Workshops

How Do You Know That You Are Ready For Coaching?

Reflect On These Questions To Access Your Readiness To Embark On A Meaningful & Impactful Coaching Experience

What is your purpose for embarking on this coaching partnership?

What specific outcomes are you looking for?

How coachable are you and how do you know?

What are your expectations from a coach?

What motivates you when you are stuck?

What are your strengths as a leader and how do you know?

What are your weaknesses as a leader and how do you know?

What is the one thing you need to start doing as a leader?

What is the one thing you need to stop doing as a leader?

What is the one thing you need to continue doing as a leader?

In one word, who are you?

If you had to create a title for your “Leadership Philosophy,” what would it be?

A Sample Of Paul’s Workshops

Finding Your Voice As A Global Leader

Finding Your Voice As A Global Leader

Each day, leaders should reflect on and answer a few key questions: “What is my purpose? What is my impact? Am I building the legacy I desire?” In today’s global community, leaders need to be able to distinguish between the “art and science” of leadership while deliberately communicating their vision to successfully propel their organizations into the future. Influencing people towards your vision as a leader is what propels an organization. Leaders cannot hide. Leaders need to stand up and stand for something. Leaders need to find their voice.

Changing = Thriving

Changing = Thriving

Change is constant. You cannot run from it. And the most successful organizations are those that learn to adapt to change and thrive as a result it. Change is not something that should be managed; it is something that should be led. More than ever before, organizations need to evolve, innovate and adapt to remain competitive. And companies are depending on their leaders to support and successfully lead all stages of the forward momentum of change. In this seminar, Paul Larsen helps to define change and develop positive and creative leaders that will motivate their teams through change and the opportunities that come with it.

As a seminar participant, you will learn how to:

  • Recognize and successfully lead your team through the four stages of reacting to change
  • Encourage your employees to be innovative and creative with change
  • Manage the stress and uncertainty that often accompany change
Leading With Influence -Keeping You I/O SCale In Balance

Leading With Influence -Keeping You I/O SCale In Balance

Most leaders have good intentions. But if your intentions are not aligned with desired outcomes, you won’t become the influential leader you seek to be. Leaders who have discovered and live their values, are in the perfect position to align their values with their intended outcomes…their vision. The key is consistently aligning your intentions as a leader with your desired outcomes. This is what I call your “I/O Scale.”

Participants will learn and practice;

  • How to lead with influence
  • How to keep their “I/O Scale” in balance so they are viewed as influential and purposeful
  • How to listen to understand rather than listening to reply
Leading With Courage - Expand Your Team's CZ

Leading With Courage – Expand Your Team’s CZ

Effective teamwork doesn’t happen by accident. Teamwork is created by leaders who know how to purposely step out of their Comfort Zone and use conflict to move the team forward. A successful team is characterized by trust, engagement, personal accountability and consistent momentum. This workshop will teach leaders how to be more confident in the creation of a stellar team. It will also help them understand how the demonstration of courageous interpersonal skills is critical for successfully navigating the challenges of human dynamics that are sure to arise in a team.

Seminar participants will learn how to:

  • Find their courageous voice as a team and use conflict to get unstuck
  • Build and sustain trust while creating an environment of collaboration and commitment
  • Create a powerful environment of respect and accountability
Coaching For Brilliance

Coaching For Brilliance

Truly successful leaders are distinguished by a high degree of Emotional Intelligence, which includes self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. These qualities may sound “soft” and un-businesslike, but there are direct ties between emotional intelligence and measurable business results. The combination of the traditional leadership qualities and a high degree of emotional intelligence is essential for the success of your leadership team and your organization.

Leaders are aware that managing and mentoring their staff can be similar to coaching a sports team. You have to combine inspiration with motivation. Encourage cooperation while producing stellar results. Get rid of obstacles in the way of top performance. And help employees become unstuck and move forward. But how do you practice all of this within a corporate environment? This workshop will introduce leaders to the attitudes and skills needed to become valuable coaches for their team and even themselves. They will learn how to identify and ignite the potential in others so the average employee can become a star player on the team.

Participants will learn and practice:

  • Techniques used by master business coaches to bring people together and build team collaboration
  • The “4Stand” model of performance communication to get the best out of your team
  • Coaching tools that will assist with time and task management challenges while developing their own “coaching performance plan”

Your VOICE Is Not Made To Be Silent

Find Your Voice As A Leader

Find Your Voice As A Leader

As a leader, what is your purpose, what is your legacy, what is your VOICE? To “Find Your VOICE as a Leader” is to:

  • Discover your critical leadership VALUES;
  • Create a compelling vision to get the OUTCOMES you desire;
  • Build relationships with INFLUENCE and credibility;
  • Make decisions that reveal your COURAGE to take a stand;
  • Communicate your overall EXPRESSION for lasting impact.

Start building your leadership legacy by finding and using your VOICE!

Find Your Voice As A High Performance Team

Find Your Voice As A High Performance Team

Disengaged employees, finger-pointing middle managers, back-biting and less-than-strategic decision making. For many company this is, unfortunately, the status quo. It is possible to change your disengaged organization into a committed and engaged team of high performers. Start here.

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